Find public documents on Google Drive

Find public files in Google Drive

de🔸digger  is a search engine like as  13tabs  but for  find public documents on Google Drive.

About 13tabs

"It's always good to hear an idea become a story well told unless you work on one such idea to make it a story to be told. 13TABS is one such harnessed idea. A first ever search engine of its kind that categorizes your search results. This not only gives relevance to the result rather provides user access to all the information across categories for the same search subject."

"With 571 websites created over the web every minute it becomes difficult for a user to search the relevant option under one single page but explaining a search becomes equally troublesome. 13TABS gives you the result you want. And with 13 categories it is always easier to switch to the relevant tab rather than scrolling down and loading next result page. Being on the brighter side 13TABS does not capture or save any user information on PC or on Web."

"13TABS inherits the spirit of Trylika Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to bring about a change for better tomorrow. Through the core of Trylika Technologies innovation channel 13TABS comes out to be web application wherein applications will be added to use web resources for good. And as quoted by Nikos Kazantzakis : "By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it." Trylika Technologies believes that its effort can make an impact towards creating a better world as our responsibilities extend beyond business."

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Find public files in Google Drive
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